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Ida Magntorn, "Home Style by City: Ideas and Inspiration from Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen"
ISBN: 145213717X | 2014 | PDF | 159 pages | 487 MB

Explore the world's most stylish and eclectic residences in this inspired armchair décor guide. Home Style by City captures the essense of five design-forward cities, featuring gorgeously decorated homes from each that reflect local style and inspire internationally. Part city tour—including must-visit flea markets, bits of colorful history, and curated lists of music, books, and films—and part design resource for achieving the various looks, this refreshing perspective on décor shows how cities themselves impact interiors. Illuminating text invites readers into page after page of lavishly photographed interiors, offering deceptively simple transitions and insider tips to bring the look into any space. Visually rich and totally inspiring, Home Style by City is a treasure for lovers of design, travel, and, of course, big city dreams.
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Kettlebell Systema - The Science Of Kettlebell Sport
.AVI, XviD, 2104 kbps, 720x400 | English, MP3, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 5 hours | 3.88 GB
Instructor: Denis Kanygin

Kettlebell Systema is here and The Science of Kettlebell Sport is the DVD series that will surely change the way you lift Kettlebells forever! In this new instructional series, Russian Kettlebell coach Denis Kanygin teaches the three main lifts of the original Russian Kettlebell and kettlebell training system, the Jerk, the Snatch and the Long Cycle.
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How to Collect Wild Trees
2хDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~3942 kb/s | 400x304 | Duration: 01:13:09 | English: MP3, 96 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.87 GB
Genre: Gardening, Collecting

Collecting wild bonsai trees should be undertaken only if you know what you are doing, and helping you to learn exactly that is what this excellent bonsai DVD is all about. Don't even think about digging up nature's bonsai trees without first heeding Andy's practical experience.
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Paul Katami - Burn & Build
3xDVDRip | AVI/DX50, ~1429 kb/s | 672x384 | Duration: 01:58:15 | English: AC3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 1.43 GB
Genre: Sport, Kettlebells

The primary workout is an aero/tone interval program that combines a kettlebell with a high step (“bi-level training”). Either piece of equipment boosts intensity — blended together they create a super-tough, super-varied workout. Each of the seven segments is different. Some are mostly cardio; some are all toning, and some intermix aerobic drills with fast-paced kettlebell “toning” (e.g. a low row with a lateral lunge on and off the step). The second workout is ab toning. It also features a huge variety of unique moves (e.g.how about “bench and crunch iso and leg chops with oblique taps?”). DVD includes a 25-minute, pre-workout tutorial. Requires a kettlebell and a high step (a regular step will also work).