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PTC Creo 2.0 M160 With Help Center (x86/x64) Multilanguage

PTC Creo 2.0 M160 With Help Center (x86/x64) Multilanguage | 6.75 GB

Description: cad / CAM / CAE System American company PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) is a CAD system of the upper level and covers all areas of design, technological preparation of production and manufacturing. A wide range of possibilities unit three-dimensional modeling, high quality of the result and its resistance to subsequent changes made the system one of the leaders of the Creo CAD / CAM / CAE-systems, and have direct access to the system life cycle support product Windchill PDMLink Creo translates into the category of PLM-solutions .
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Advanced Temperature Measurement and Control, 2 edition by Gregory K. McMillan
English | 2010 | ISBN: 193600738X | 250 pages | PDF | 11,4 MB

This book provides a comprehensive view of what is needed to take advantage of the latest developments in smart and wireless temperature measurements and control strategies. A fundamental understanding of the capabilities of temperature sensors and the advances in wireless technology are provided.
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Chinese Cash: Identification and Price Guide by David Jen
Krause Publications; 1ST edition | January 2000 | English | ISBN: 087341859X | 352 pages | PDF | 54 MB

Comprehensive overview of more than 3,000 years of Chinese cash coins. Features values and multiple condition grades on a variety of monetary forms issued in Imperial China. Includes many newly discovered varieties not listed in any other reference, with historical references and production details.
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Echopraxia [Audiobook] by Peter Watts
English | August 26, 2014 | ISBN: 1629238937 | MP3@48 kbps | 12 hrs 38 mins | 263 MB
Narrator: Adam J Rough | Genre: Sci-Fi
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Classic Makeup and Beauty (DK Living) by Mary Quant
DK ADULT; 1st Pbk. Ed edition | June 1, 1998 | English | ISBN: 0789432943 | 155 pages | PDF | 25 MB

Designed for people with a busy lifestyle, this highly acclaimed series of inspiring and practical paperbacks cover a wide range of topics. Each book is a showcase of the trademark DK style that marries instructive photographs with easy-to-rea
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Description By Lyn Hejinian, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, Elena Balashova
January, 1990 | English | ISBN-10: 1557130752 | 135 pages | PDF | 1.55 MB

"While visiting Riga, Latvia in November 1989, I asked a young Latvian poet who were his major poetic influences. Without hesitation he answered that he was most influenced by the European-style poetry of Soviet poet Arkadii Dragomoschenko. The answer is extraordinary when one thinks that at the time Dragomoschenko had not yet published a book in the Soviet Union and that only a year earlier he had been working as a coal stoker. But Dragomoschenko's writing had appeared in several magazines and in samisdat publications, and his reputation had already been established as early as 1983, when American poet Lyn Hejinian, traveling with the ROVA Saxophone Quartet, had been introduced to Dragomoschenko who was described as a new poetic force in Soviet writing."
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Risk and Reward The Science of Casino Blackjack By N. Richard Werthamer
1st July 2009 | English | ISBN-10: 144190252X | 152 pages | PDF | 2.60 MB

"For decades, casino gaming has been steadily increasing in popularity worldwide. Blackjack is among the most popular of the casino table
games one where astute choices of playing strategy can create an advantage for the player."