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Mac OSX Mavericks v10.9.4-NEWiSO
Mac OSX Mavericks v10.9.4-NEWiSO | 5.12 GB

OS X - is an operating system that provides the performance of each Mac. It is built on the basis of reliable platform UNIX and fully uses all hardware capabilities. And this system is designed so that the use of the computer was the most intuitive and consistent.
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Corel AfterShot Pro (Mac OS X)
Corel AfterShot Pro (Mac OS X) | 234 MB
Languages: English, German, Italian, French and Japanese.
Professional RAW photo processing

Corel AfterShot Pro is a fast, flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive adjustments and complete RAW processing. AfterShot Pro gives you the possibility to quickly organize your photos in folders or catalogs.
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Autodesk Maya 2015 SP3 (Mac OS X)
Autodesk Maya v2015 SP3 Multilingual MacOSX | 1.3 GB
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

Maya 3D animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing software offers a comprehensive creative feature set on a highly extensible production platform. Maya provides high-end character and effects toolsets along with increased productivity for modeling, texturing, and shader creation tasks.
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Crossover v13.2 ( Mac OSX) | 81 Mb

CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications on your Mac. Your applications integrate seamlessly in OS X; just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required.
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Panolapse v1.172 (Mac OSX) | 210 MB

Panolapse is a tool for adding rotational panning motion to time-lapse images and videos. There are a few ways to create movement in time-lapse sequences. Some people mount the camera on a motorized track that slides, or a motorized head that rotates, or both. These systems are often heavy, fragile, and restrictive. Another approach uses standard video-editing software to digitally crop into a scene and slide the viewing window around. This approach can be helpful, but since it doesn't correct for changes in perspective, the resulting video can appear flat and unnatural.
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The Pixel Farm Pfclean v2012.4.1 (Mac OSX) | 181 MB

The Definitive Remastering Solution. When PFClean exploded on to the film restoration scene in 2004 it revolutionised a market dominated by technical products that offered little consideration for usability, productivity and deadline deliveries.
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Little Snitch 3.3.3 (Mac OS X)
Little Snitch 3.3.3 (Mac OS X) | 25 MB

Little Snitch.A firewall protects your computer against unwanted guests from the Internet. But who protects your private data from being sent out? Little Snitch does!
As soon as you're connected to the Internet, applications can potentially send whatever information they want to wherever they want.